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Hasan or Hussain (ra) Who was right?

Posted by answersforshiafriend on September 1, 2015

Al-Hasan ibn Ali (ra) ceded the caliphate in favour of Muawiyah (ra) and sought peace with him, at a time when he was strong enough to keep on fighting – considering the enormous number of his army and helpers.

On the other side, we find that his brother al-Husain (ra) – revolted against Yazid at a time when he was in dire need of an army of helpers to defend his cause, a time when it would have been better to give up and seek peace.

One of these two great men must be right and the other wrong, because if al-Hasan’s secession joined with his ability to fight is the correct idea and action to be taken, then al-Husain’s revolt at a time he was devoid of any force would definitely be wrong. And if Al-Hasan’s revolt in weakness was correct, then the secession of al-Hasan when at full strength must be wrong.

This surely puts the shias in  very difficult dilema,for if they say both were  correct, they will be combining two contradicting actions and this will nullify the foundations of their madhab. But if they claim that al-Hasan’s action was wrong, then they must consider his being an imam to be null and void and the nullification of his imammah would result in nullifying the immamah and infallibility  of his father who gave him the legal mandate of being an imam after him.

The same holds true if they say that al-Husain’s action was false for that will necessarily invalidate him imamah and infallibility, which will consequently nullify the imamah and infallibility of his whole progeny. If the basic foundation is false, whatever stems from it automatically becomes false.

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