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If the Shia Imams know their time of death… why were they all killed or poisoned?

Posted by answersforshiafriend on August 31, 2015

Al Kulaini states in his Al-Kafi : ” The Imams know the time of their deaths and that they die  if they so wish” [1]

And we find Al-Majlisi- in his Bihar al Anwar – mentioning a hadith which says: “None of the Imams died a natural death; each of them was either killed or poisoned.”[2]

Now if the Imam knows the unseen(ghaib) as purported by Al-Kulaini and al-Hurr al Amili, he would definitely know which drink or food he was given, and if it happened to be poisoned, he would know and decline to eat or drink it. But if he goes on to eat or drink it, knowing fully well that it was poisoned, then he must be seen as committing suicide and Prophet Muhammad Salllalahu Alayhewasallam has expressly stated that whoever kills himself will be in the Hell fire. Would the Shias, then, accept this fate for their Imams

1.Al – Usul Min al-Kafi (1/258) and Al-Fusul Al-Muhimmah of al-Hurr al-Amili (p.155)

2. Bihar al-Anwar (43/364)


Usool al- Kafi that is a collection narrations and traditions attributed to the Shiite Imams, Ahlul Bayt and the Prophet. Al-Kafi is the MOST reliable Shia Book, as the reliable Shia Scholars said and declared . Its author is Thiqat al-Islam Muhamad Ibn Yaqoob AlKulayni (A VERY reliable Shia Scholar, died in 328 H). Some Shi’ites scholars believe usool Al-Kafi was presented to the legendary Imam Qaem who liked it and said: “It suffices our Shi’ites” (al-Tharee’ah ela Tasaneef al-Shi’a: Agha Buzurg al-Tahraani; vol.17, p.245)

Al-Kafi is a collection of Hadiths attributed to the prophet Muhamad p.b.u.h and The Infallible Imams -according to Shia- and like AhlSunnah, who give much importance to their Hadith book (Saheeh AlBukhari), Shia give the same or maybe even more importance to their Book (Al-Kafi) . Unlike AhlSunnah who call AlBukhari’s Book as (Saheeh AlBukhari), Shia do not call Al-Kafi as (Saheeh Al-Kafi), nevertheless, Shia treat Al-Kafi as it is (Saheeh) and their most reliable scholars declare it as a (Saheeh) .

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