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The Belief of Al-Bada which the shias believe in

Posted by answersforshiafriend on April 6, 2015

Al-Bada means to appear after having been hidden. It also refers to the birth of a new opinion. Both these meanings suggest that ignorance preceded knowledge and are impossible in the right of Allah,but the Rafidah impute this to Allah, the Exalted.

In their hadith book Usool – Al-Kafi the following hadith is attributed to Ar-Ridah.

ar-Rayan b. as-Sulut saud: “I heard Ar-Ridha saying: ‘Allah has not sent a Prophet but to prohibit intoxicants and affirm the belief of al-Bada for Allah.'” (Usool ul Kafi pg 40)

Abu Abdullah said: “Allah has not been worshipped with anything better than believing that He is affected by al-Bada. (Usool ul Kafi for al-Kulaini vol 1, pg 331)

Far removed is Allah from this imperfection.

Dear brothers, look at what Allah says in the Quran and compare it to the doctrine of the Shias.

Say None in the heavens and earth knows the unseen except Allah, and they do not perceive when they will be resurrected. (Quran 27:65)



Source: Fundamental Shi’ite Belief by Abdullah b. Muhammad as-Salafi Collected in

Shi’ism Exposed : An Analytical Exposition of the Shiah beliefs from their original sources. Dakwah Corner Publications

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