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Question 2: Ali (r) accepting allegience to Abu Bakr and Umar (r)?

Posted by answersforshiafriend on April 6, 2015

Some Questions themat led the Shia Youth to the Truth

Q2: The Shias claim that Abu Bakr and Umar (r)  were unbelievers. But we find that Ali (r), an infallible Imam according to the shias, accepted and endorsed their caliphates and pledged his allegiance to each of them, one after the other and never revolted against them.

Here one must accept that Ali was not infallible, because he gave his allegiance to two infidels, two Nasibis, two oppressors (Astaghfirullah) and accepted them as caliphs, and this , ofcourse, nullifies his infallibility, as he may be seen as an accomplice to oppression, for he had helped two oppressors,an action that is unbecoming of an infallible imam.

Or they must accept his actions to be right because they (Abu Bakr and Umar) were two believing, truthful and just caliphs. If this latter alternative is the right choice, then the shias have totally gone against their imam, for we find them abusing, vilifying and speaking ill of Abu Bakr and Umar (ra) and do not accept them as caliphs. One is therefore left confused, either to follow the steps of their first infallable Imam Ali or of the Shias who have gone against his practice.

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