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Al Muntaqa Min Minhaaj As Sunnah An Nabawiyyah

Posted by answersforshiafriend on September 17, 2013


Assalamu Alaykum,

Here is another excellent book exposing the shia religion and its refutation. However it is in Urdu language. For those who want to delve  deeper into understanding the shia religion and its refutation by one of the best Ahlus Sunnah Scholar Ibn Taymiyyah (ra), should definitely read this book. It is available as a pdf and  I originally downloaded it from here. Jazakallah to those who made it available.

AlMuntqa-min-minhaj-u-ssonnah AlMuntaqaMinhaajAsSunnah-IbnTaymiyyah


Here is the foreword by the translator.


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