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Question to the shia – Is Imam Ali Infallible?

Posted by answersforshiafriend on April 9, 2013

Do you agree  that imam Ali (ra) was Infallible?

Did imam Ali himself made decisions or was he guided by Allah?
Then why did Imam Ali pledge bayaah to hazrat Umar and Abu bakar (ra)?
Why did imam ali’s son imam Hasan pledge bayaah to Muawiyah?

This is what a shia will typically answer:
*Imam Ali was forced to make pledge to Hazrat Umar and Abu bakar*
Oh so  you are  saying that imam Ali was weak and he made the decision of having no choice but to pledge to umar and abu bakar.(ra)

Well if this is going to be your answer, then imam Ali is unfortunately not Infallible because according to Shias a person becomes munafiq if you have any kind of relations with Hz.Umar and Abu baqar.

Another answer from Shia can be:
*Imam Ali never gave bayaah to hz.Umar and Abu baqar*
Well think twice before you say this, because i can prove easily it from your shia hadees sources book that Imam did not only pledge bayaah to hz.Umar and abu baqar but also to Muawiyah!

So if you do go by the answer of that imam ali was guided by Allah, then its being proved by itself that Hazrat umar and Abu abuqar were the correctly guided Khalifah! This proves that your Shia doctrine is a fabrication!

There are so many questions that i can ask and leave you so clueless and make you realize that shia is nothing else than fabricated sector which has nothing to do with islam! Still not willing to accept that your sector is a cult? Well let me ask you the last question.

Shias believe in an islamic pillar called Imamiyah (followers of the 12 imams)
Where is the word “Imamiyah” mentioned in Quran?????????

Your answer will be :
*Well not all prophets names are written in quran
*There is no way where it says how you perform salah
*Imam Mehdi is also not mentioned in Quran
*etc etc etc.

Shias will do everything to turn the topic around here but will never answer the question.
Well if not all prophets are mentioned in the quran, at least some are mentioned , right? At least the word PROPHET is mentioned!
If its not mentioned how you perfome salah, well at least the world Salah has been mentioned like 90 times in the Quran!
The word Angel is also mentioned in Quran!
So all im asking is a very simple question , where is the word Immayah written in Quran? Im not even asking if the names of 12 imams are written in it, im just asking a very simple question of where is the word imamyah written?
The answer is = There is no such word as immayah written in Quran! So will you accept it?

Since you shias love questioning the al-he sunnah jamma. lets see wether you are capable of answering this question or will you turn the topic around just like another typical shia. This is a open challenge to any shia who can answer this question!

Source: This was a comment by Hasan on my blog. He raised very good good and valid points so I though I will turn it into a post!

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