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Chart Showing Shia Imams and Sects

Posted by answersforshiafriend on September 26, 2012

Chart showing the genealogical relationships of the Twelve Shia Imams to dynasties, Shia  sects and other lines of descent.

A 12er Shia would keep you thinking that their 12 Imams are the only Shia Imams the only descendents of  Ali Ibn Abi Talib. However the history proves it otherwise.

Kaysaniyyah: They were the Shia of Ali who believed that Muhammab ibn Hanafiyyah, the son of Ali from a hanafi woman was the rightful Imam of his time.

The Zaidi Shias: They believed that Zayd, the son of Ali Zaynul Abidin (4th Shia Imam) was the rightful 5th Imam. The Shias infact deserted him in battle field when he stood up against the tyrant rulers of his time because he did not believe that Omar and Abu Bakr (ra) were apostates. Where as the 12er Shias claim that the brother of Zayd, Muhammad Al Baqir was the righful 5th Imam.( see The Zaidi Shias,The Deserters of Husayn and Zayd)

The Ismaili Shias: Ismail the oldest son of Jafar is unanimously agreed to be Imam after his father jafar As Sadiq by the various Shia sects. However when he died soon, the shias divided into many sects, some claiming his son to be the Imam stating that Imamat continues in the progeny and can not be transferred to the brother after Hasan and Husayn, where as some claimed his younger brother Musa Al Kazim to be the next Imam (12 er Shia). Ismailis further broke up into many sects such as Bohra, Dawoodi Bohra, Agha Khani Bohra, Druze, Sevener etc. This chart explains their divisions.

There arose many other sects and sub sects  after the death of each imam, some do not exist any more and some still do such as the Alawi of Syria  to which Bashar Al Asad belongs to. These  sects will be discussed later in some other post InshaAllah.


All these shia sects are agreed upon the initial historical events which a 12er shia presents to you such as Ghadir Khumm, Story of Pen and Paper, the issue of Fadak and all the topics a 12er loves to discuss with the sunnis. How ever the question to the 12er shia is.. can you prove that your 12Imams were the divinely chosen right ones?

Image Source: The History of Shia Islam by Moojan Momen

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