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The Wives and Children of Ali Radiallahu Anhuma

Posted by answersforshiafriend on September 12, 2012

Fatima (67) – Daughter of Prophet Muhammad (s)

Al-Hasan, Al-Husayn, Zaynab Al Kubra and Umm Kulthoom Al Kubra

Khawlah bint Jafar ibn Qays ibn Maslamah

Muhammad Al Akbar (Muhammad ibn Al Hanafiyyah)

Layla bint Masood ibn Khalid from Banu Tameem

Ubaydullah & Abu Bakr

Umm Al-Baneen bint Hizam (68) ibn Khalid ibn Jafar ibn Rabeeah

Al-Abbas Al Akbar, Uthman, Jafar Al Akbar and Abdullah.

Asma bint Umays al-Khathamiyyah

Yahya, Awn(69)


Umar Al Akbar & Ruqayyah

Umamah (71)bint Al As ibn Ar Rabee

Muhammad Al Awsat,

Umm Saeed bint Urwah ibn Masood at Thaqafi 

Al Hasan and Ramla Al Kubra

His children from his slave women

Muhammad Al Asghar,Umm Hani,Maymoonah,Zainab Al Sughra,Ramla Al Sughra, Umm Kulthoom Al Sughra,Fatimah, Umamah,Khadeejah,Umm Al Kiram,Umm salamah,Umm Jafar,Jumanah and Nafeesa.

Mahyat bint Imrul Qays bore him a daughter who died young.

Ibn sad said ‘There is no sound proof that he had any other children apart from these.(72)

In total Ali r had fourteen sons and nineteen daughters. (some said seventeen).

His descendents came from only five of his sons:

Al-Hasan, al-Husayn,Muhammab ibn Al Hanafiyyah,Al-Abbas ibn al Kilabiyyah and Umar ibn at Taghlabiyyah.(73)


67. She was the first wife of Ali and he did not take any other wife until she died.

68.Al-Bidayah wan Nihayah, 7/332

69. ibid

70. She was Umm Habeeb  Bint Rabeeah ibn Bujayr,one of the female prisoners of Ayn at Tamr at the time of Abu Bakr.

71.Her mother was Zainab, the daughter of Messenger of Allah pbuh

72. At Tabqat Al Kubra, 3/20,2/19,20; Al-Bidayah wan-Nihayah,7/331-333;Sulayman Al Abd;Manhaj Ali ibn Abi Talib fid Dawah ila Allah,p.29,30,31

Source:Ali Ibn Abi Talib by Dr. AliM.Sallabi

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