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A simple question for the shias…

Posted by answersforshiafriend on September 5, 2012



Shias believe that their 12 Imams are Masoom i.e. sin free and free from mistakes…then why is it that Ali (r) their most sacred Imam married his daughter Kulsoom to none other than Umar  Farooq (r). According to the shia beliefs, most of the sahaba’s apostasized i.e. they became Kafir, so how is it that he married his daughter to a Kafir?

Now a days you will hear and read shias denying that this marriage took place, some would try to confuse you about which ‘kulsoom’ it was who married Umar and would imply that she was not the daughter of Ali (r). However the fact of the matter is that their OWN classical book Al Kafi Fil Furu by their respected Imam Tusi  and many other books have mentiond this union, which has  become a source of embarrassment to them and so they deny it totally.

The honest truth is that Ali r loved Abu Bakr and Umar radiallahu Anhum and he EVEN HAD SONS whom he named after them. Will post more details of this InshaAllah soon and he with an open heart married his daughter to Umar Farooq (r)

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