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Abdullah ibn Saba- Fact or Fiction

Posted by answersforshiafriend on October 12, 2011

Creating doubts about the existence of Abdullah ibn Saba – the originator of  the ‘Shia’ religion – began with two purposes:  On one hand to deny the role of the Jewish element in planting the  seeds of turmoil among the Muslims and on the other hand to point the finger of accusation against the Companions.

The early scholars were unanimous in agreeing that the Sabais existed; there was no exceptions among them. A few modern scholars, most of them Shias, disagreed with that. They claimed that the Sabais were a product of imagination of Sayf ibn Umar at Tameemi…however Ibn Asakir narrated many reports that mention Abdullah ibn Saba and these reports do not include Sayf ibn Umar as a narrator.

However, the undeniable truth is that Abdullah ibn Saba in mentioned in shia books as well and

and for 14 centuries none of their own scholars disputed his existence.

The Shia sources which mention Abdullah Ibn saba include the following:

Al Kashi narrated that Muhammad ibn Qawlawliyyah said: “Sa’d ibn Abdullah told me: Yaqoob ibn Yazeed and Muhammad ibn Esa tolde from Ali ibn Mahziyar from Faddalah ibn Ayoob Al Azdi that Aban ibn Uthman said: I heard Abu Abdullah [as] saying:
‘May Allah curse Abdallah bin Saba’, he claimed a divineship for Amirul-Mu’mineen (Ali) [as]. By Allah, Amierul-Mu’mineen [as] was volunterily the slave of Allah. Woe to him who lie about us, for there are people who say about us what we don’t say about ourselves,we clear ourselves to Allah from them, we clear ourselves to Allah from them’.”
(Rijal Al Kashi)

“Narrated Yaqoub bin Yazeed from Ibn Abi Omair and Ahmad bin Muhammad bin Issa, from his father and al-Husain bin Sa’eed, from Hisham bin Salim, from Abu Hamza al-Thumali said: Ali bin al-Husain [as] said: ‘May the curse of Allah be upon those who tell lies about us. I mentioned Abdullah Ibn Saba and each hair in my body stood up, Allah cursed him. Ali (AS) was, by Allah, a proper servant of Allah, the brother of the Messenger of Allah (PBUH). He did not earn the graciousness/honor from Allah except with the obedience to Allah and His Messenger. And (similarly) the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) did not earn the honor from Allah except with his obedience to Allah’.”

Narrated Muhammad bin Khalid At-Tayalisi, from Ibn Abi Najran, from Abdullah bin Sinaan said: Abu Abdullah [as] said:
“We are a family of truthfulness. But we are not safe from a liar telling lies about us to undermine our truth with his lies in front of people. The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) was the most truthful among people in what he said (Lahjatan) and the most truthful among all humanity; and Musaylima used to lie on him. The Commander of Believers (AS) was the most truthful one among the creation of Allah after the Messenger of Allah; and the one who used to lie on him, and tried to undermine his truthfulness and claimed lies about Allah, was Abdullah Ibn Saba.” .

The author of Rawdat Al Jannah mentioned ibn Saba in a quotation from Imam as Sadiq who cursed ibn Saba and accused him of lying,fabricating, broadcasting secrets and misinterpreting.

In his book Dr.Sulayman Al Awdah mentioned a number of texts with which the shia books are filled and their reports from Abdullah ibn Saba, which are more akin to recorded documents that condemn anyone amongst the later shia who tries to deny th existence of Abdullah ibn Saba or shed doubts on the reports that refer to him on the basis of rareness or weakness of the reports.(Sulayman Al Awdah, Abdullah ibn Saba)

Abdullah ibn Saba was an actual historical figure, concerning whom there is no confusion in either sunni or Shia sources, earlier or later.

The one who studies these sources, ancient and modern , sunni and shia will be certain that Abdullah ibn Saba existed and that his existence is supported by the historical reports. The books of Aqeedah,Hadith,Biography,literature and language also mention him a great deal.

It seems that the first ones to shed doubt on the existence of Ibn Saba were some of the orientalists; than this doubt was shared by majority of modern shia and some of them denied his existence altogether. Among modern Arab researchers,there were some who admired the idea of the Orientalists and were influenced by the books of modern Shia.Nevertheless,none of them has anything to support the suspicion and denials except doubt itself which is based on whims and desires, speculations and assumptions.  Who ever wishes to find out more about the Sunni Oreintalists and shia references which mention Ibn Saba may refer to

  • Tahqeeq Mawafiq As Sahaba fil-Fitnah by Dr.Muhammad Amhazon and
  • Abdullah ibn Saba wa Atharu fi Ahdath al Fitnah fi sadr al Islam by Dr.Sulayman ibn hamad Al Awdah.



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