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The Burial of Prophet Muhammad (s) on Tuesday?

Posted by answersforshiafriend on September 27, 2011

So your shia friend has told you that Prophet (s) died on a Monday and was not buried till Tuesday night. This was because all the Sahaba were busy ‘usurping’ the khilafah (naauzobillah) and were least bothered about the funeral. So the shia say is that what really happend was that Ali (r) and his family members alone themselves bathed the Prophet and buried him on Monday. They also say that Prophet (s) died in the arms of Ali (r) and not Ayesha (r) as we Ahlus Sunnah say…

Malik :: Book 16 : Hadith 16.10.27

Yahya related to me from Malik that he had heard that the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, died on Monday and was buried on Tuesday and people prayed over him individually with no one leading them.

Some people said that he would be buried near the mimbar, and others said that he would be buried in al-Baqi. Abu Bakr as-Siddiq came and said, “I heard the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, say, ‘No prophet was ever buried except in the place where he died.’ “So a grave was dug for him there. When he was about to be washed they wished to take off his shirt but they heard a voice saying “Don’t take off his shirt,” so they did not take off his shirt and he was washed with it on, may Allah bless him and grant him peace.  

So we learn that Indeed Prophet (s) died on Monday and he was buried on Tuesday. Now the reason for this delay was not because Sahaba were busy, but because the hundered’s and thousand’s of Muslims had to pray Namaz e Janaza (The funeral prayer) over him  and they did this in small small groups because the room of Aisha where he was laying was quite small.

Then there was a dispute amongst the Sahaba as to where to bury him and it was Abu Bakr (r) who informed the others that Prophets are always buried where they die and this is what he learned from Prophet Muhammad (s) and so he was buried in the room of Ayesha (r) as it was the place where he had died as is clear from the above men.

Now the funny thing with the shias is that they lie too much (since it is part of their religion and they term this lying as Taqayyiah)..and when you lie and lie and you lie to cover up your lies… the end result is that the story is flawed.

They say that Prophet (s) died in the room of Ali (r) in his arms…so why was he buried in the room of Ayesha? If it was only Ali and his closest companions who buried him.. why didn’t they choose some other location instead of the room of Ayesha (r) whom according to the shia were not on good terms.

Later on they make up more lies and say that Ayesha did not allow Fatima (r) to be buried in her room next to the Prophet (s) grave!

This proves that it was not only Ali and his close companions who hurriedly buried him on Monday..but it was a mutual decision of all the Sahaba including Ali, Abu Bakr and Umar( radiallahu anhum) and they were all on good terms and that he was buried on Tuesday after all the Muslims had prayed over him.

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