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The death of Fatima (ra) by Miscarriage?

Posted by answersforshiafriend on September 26, 2011

The Shias claim that Bibi Fatima ra died because she was injured when Umar (ra) barged into her house to take Ali to take oath at the hands of Abu Bakr (ra), due to this injury she had a miscarriage and she lost her son and died to this this.

both Ahlus sunnah and shia texts verify that Fatimah (r) died six months after Rasool Allah (s)

Now ask any doctor and use your common sense!  IS it possible to be pregnant and suffer a serious injury which may cause a miscarriage…but the miscarriage and the death happen SIX MONTHS after!?? or lets say that she immediatley had a miscarriage and she died six months later! No not a possibility. Women die soon after the miscarriage due to excessive blood loss.

Obviously this is not possible and shias have propagated this myth to cast a shadow on the personality of Umar (r).

Shia said that after the meeting of Sahabah in Saqifah Umar ibn Kattob and his followers threated to burn Fatimah’s house. He himeself pushed the door of the house where he hurted Fatimah seriously until she become aborted. I believed this is a lie. But I want to know its source and views of the critics concerned.
The story of the assault on Fatima, the burning of her house, and the murder of her fetus is not supported by a prophetic narration or by an authentic historical story. Logic and common sense rejects this story at all costs.
Let us assume for the moment that Abu Bakr and Omar bin Al-khattab really committed that heinous crime. But what about Ali bin Abi Talib? How could Ali stay quiet while his wife is beaten, his house is assaulted, and his son is killed? Is this the portrait of Ali bin Abi Talib that the Shia are trying to paint? The least man in faith, chivalry, and manhood will not allow his wife to be beaten. Then how come when the woman is the daughter of the Prophet peace be upon him and the man is the mighty Ali bin Abi Talib?
This is the result of the fabrication in history that became one of the tenets of faith for the Shia.
Al-Sayyed Hussain FadlAllah, the grand Shia scholar in Lebanon, had denied the incident of the assault on Fatima. Hence, lots of Shia scholars waged a war on him. They charged him with “Wahhabisim”. One of the grand Shia scholars in Iran Al-Tabrizi had issued a verdict excommunicating FadlAllah from Shiasim because FadlAllah had denied one of the major religious beliefs of the Shia.
FadlAllah’s denial had come after extensive research in the Shia’s version of the story of the assault and he depended much on logic and common sense.
The book of “The Leadership and Politics” (Al-Imamah wa Al-Siyasah) by Ibn Qutayibah is the only Sunni book that narrated such a story. Nevertheless, many Muslim scholars declared that the book is wrongfully attributed to Ibn Qutayibah. In the following link we had examined the authenticity of the book. Ibn Qutayibah did not write that book.
Therefore, it is not fair to take that book as an argument against Ahl Al-Sunnah. Even if we assumed that Ibn Qutayibah really did write that book, then we find out that the incident of the assault is written without an attribution. We do not know who really narrated that story. History books contain the truth and the false. We have to always distinguish the good from the bad through attribution/references /narrations

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