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Prophet Muhammad left behind him Quran and Sunnah said Ali (r)

Posted by answersforshiafriend on September 12, 2009

Prophet Muhammad left behind him Quran and Sunnah

The Holy Prophet (Muhammad saw) while departing from this world, left among you the same things as were left by the preceding prophets amongst their followers, because none of them ever left this world without leaving behind him a clear and intelligible set of directions and a prominent easily recognizable and lasting emblem.

In the same way, our Holy Prophet left the Holy Quran with you.

He not only left this Divine Book, but he had during his life time fully explained all of which this Book declared lawful and legitimate or unlawful and prohibitory for you; Which act was obligatory and which act was desirable, which of the orders or interdictions remain in force, and which were repealed; where no exemption and leniency was to be tolerated and where the Merciful Allah had allowed indulgence and leniency; where there were the commands whih pertain to particular occasions and persons and those which were general for all times places, persons….All this he explained to you, commenting, interpreting, and explaining every ambiguous passage and clearing implied subtleties and significances.

(All of the above is his Sunnah)
Nahjul Balagha, Sermon 2, pg 148,

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