Is Your Shia Friend Asking You Questions?

Replies to Questions by Shias and a review of their beliefs

Summary of the Beliefs of the Shias from their own sources

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1.) He has the Quality of ‘Badaa’.2) This means he forgets.
3.) He makes mistakes.
4.) He plans but this does not take effect.
5.) He does not know who to appoint as the next message conveyor, the next Imaam.
6.) “We (shias) do not worship such a god who gives authority to rascals like Yazid, Mu’awiyyah and Uthmaan.”
7.) They say “Ali says…..I am the first and I am the last. I am the manifest and I am the hidden and I am the heir of earth.”
8.) Shias say that the Imaams are the face of Allaah,
9.) The eyes of Allaah among his creation.
10.) The tongue of Allaah among his creation.

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New Kalimah (testimony of faith)

1.) Laa ilaaha illaahu Muhammadur Rasulullaah -Alli waliyullah, Khomeni Hujjatulillaah
2.) Laa Illaaha Muhammdur – Rasulullah, Ali waliyullah wazi Rasulullah was Khalifauhu bila Faslein”
3.) – Shia ‘Islaam’ based on 5 pillars – Salaat, Zakaat, Fasting, Hajj, Wilaayat.
4.) – Azaan is “Ash Hadu Anna – alian Waliullah Wasu Rasulullah was Khalifatu hu bila faslrin”

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1.) They believe in 12 Imaams after Rasulullaah (may Peace Be Upon Him).
2.) First being Ali (R.A).
3.) Last being the 12th Imaam
4.) Who is in a Cave ‘Surra – Man- Raa’.
5.) Imaams they believe are Masoom- innocent.
6.) They can make Halaal- Haraam and Haraam – Halaal .
7.) They can change Deen- Sharia.
8.) They are born of their mothers thighs.
9.) They have the knowledge of the Unseen.
10.) They say Imaams are higher in status than the Ambiyaa including our Nabi(may Peace Be Upon Him).
11.) No concession regarding Wilaayah- (absolute necessary belief).
12.) If one does not accept Imaams then one is a Kaafir.

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The 12th Imaam

1.) When he comes he will bring the original Quraan.
2.) He is in hiding, in a cave.
3.) He is alive observing the world, in totallity.
4.) When he comes, he will be naked. Rasulullaah (may Peace Be Upon Him) will swear Allegiance to him. (Allaah protect us).
5.) He will first dig the grave of Abu Bakr (R.A) and Umar (R.A),then hang them on a stake – for all sins of mankind.
6.) He will remove the body of Ayesha (R.A) and implement the same punished for Zina.
7.) He will then kill the Sunni Scholars.
8.) Punish the Muslim Ummuah.
9.) First kill Ahle – Sunnah, then Ulama, then Kuffar.

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1.) Not Completed.
2.) Has 17,000 Aayats.
3.) Our’s has 6,666.
4.) Abu Bakr’s opposed the text of the Quraan.
5.) Original Quraan with 12th Imaam Mahdi.
6.) Do not produce Haafiz.
7.) Do not perform Taraweeh.
8.) Quraan will be read/ learnt when 12th Imaam brings it.
9.) Ali (R.A) showd original Quraan to Sahabah(R.A) who rejected it.
10.) Passages mentioning virtures of Ali(R.A) has been purposefully deleted from the Quraan.
11.) There are 2,000 shiah traditions making many additions and subtractions in Quraan.
12.) The ‘Murtaddeen’- renegrades have removed the name of Ali (R.A).

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