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Muslim’s Belif in Allah Compared to Shia Beliefs

Posted by answersforshiafriend on September 10, 2009

Belief In The Oneness Of Allah
Muslims Shi’ites
Muslims believe that Allah is the One, the Only, God, the Almighty Subduer. He has no partners or rivals, and He has no equal. There is no intermediary between Him and His worshippers. They believe in His attributes as they were revealed In the Qur’anic verses, and they do not obscure their obvious meanins with far-fetched Interpretations. They do not strike any comparison between the divine attributes and other things, for as Allah says in His Book “There is nothing like unto Him.” They believe that Allah sent the Prophets and commissioned them with conveying to mankind His Message and Guidance. They conveyed Allah’s Message and did not conceal any part of it They believe that knowledge Of the unseen belongs to Allah alone. Intercession is confined to the Hereafter, and none may intercede except by Allah’s permission. All supplication, vows, offerings of sacrifices and requests for needs are to be directed to God alone; they are not to be directed to any other besides Him. Allah alone controls good and evil. There is no one, living or dead in His authority or in His administration of affairs. All beings depend on Him, and need His favor and mercy. The knowledge of Allah is attained through knowledge of divinely revealed law, and this has precedence over the exercise of reason, which might never guide one to the truth, although it may provide reassurance to the believer, and help him to achieve tranquillity.
The Shi’ites also believe in Allah the Exalted and His Oneness, except that they adulterate this belief with polytheistic rituals and observances. They implore and make supplication to Allah’s slaves and worshippers rather than to Him alone, saying “O Ali! and “O Husain!” and “O Zainab!” Similarly they make vows and sacrifice beasts in the name of others besides Allah. They request the dead to fulfil their needs as is shown by their prayers and poems. They consider their Imams to be infallible, to have knowledge of the unseen, and to partake In the administration of the universe. It is the Shi’ites who Invented Sufism (mysticism) to consecrate their deviated tenets and thus give them the air of legitimacy They claimed that there is special power and authority invested in the “awliyaa”‘ (mystic saints), “aqtaab” (those considered to be the spiritual axes of the universe, which turns due to their exalted status), and Ahlul-Bait Shi’ite scholars and clergy impressed upon their followers the concept of a hereditary privileged class, as a matter of religion, although this has no foundation in Islam at all. Knowledge of Allah, is attained, according to them, through the exercise of reason, not by knowledge of divinely revealed law. That which came to us by way of revelation in the Qur’an merely represents an affirmation of reason’s judgment; it is not considered to be a source which is independent of, and beyond the limits of reason.

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